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zantac rebate

Head over HERE to print a FREE Zantac Rebate. All you have to do is send the original fully completed rebate form, UPC barcode cut from the package, and the original store identified cash register receipt dated 03/19/14-4/2/14 with the Zantac product purchase circled to get your rebate.

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  1. Jodi says

    I don’t have a PC so I can’t Print out coupons! Is there a way I can get Free Coupons in the mail? I take Zantac but I can’t Use the coupons w/out a printer. So these offers Do Me No Good At All. Not everybody has a PC nor do they have the money to get one or do they want one! Please let Me know if there is a way I can get & use the Free Coupons? If there is not Sorry I wasted your time. Thank you Jodi.

    • Jennifer says

      Many deals do not require you to print,but rather you can use Sunday newspaper insert coupons. To start out you can ask friends or neighbors who get a newspaper to save the inserts for you. Unfortunately, this rebate offer doesn’t allow you to submit the details of your purchase online and requires you to print. I take Zantac as well and know how pricey it can be. jen

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